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Case Studies

Case Study 001 

In a collaborative effort with a prominent poultry lighting company, RCAL played a crucial role in driving cost efficiencies and optimizing their lighting systems. The client, Precision Lighting Systems, a leader in providing specialized lighting solutions for the poultry industry, sought our expertise to enhance the design and manufacturing of their Max 80 lighting controllers to support an already world class line of lighting solutions. 

Upon a comprehensive analysis of the existing lighting controller design, our electrical and computer engineering team designed the hardware and software applications, while also identifying opportunities for component optimization and strategic material sourcing. Furthermore, numerous features and additional applications were included in the MAX 80 so as to assist Precision Lighting Systems in their vision to produce “the world’s most advanced poultry lighting dimmer”.  Precision Lighting Systems expects to receive multiple patents on this design.

Through meticulous redesign and value engineering, RCAL proposed alternative components that maintained high quality but were more cost-effective. By leveraging our network of trusted suppliers and negotiating favorable terms, we were able to significantly reduce the overall bill of materials, contributing to substantial cost savings for the client.

Additionally, our services introduced process enhancements in the manufacturing workflow, implementing testing procedures to ensure the reliability and functionality of each lighting controller. This not only reduced the occurrence of defects but also streamlined the assembly process, resulting in increased production efficiency. The successful collaboration with our Precision Lighting Systems not only translated to direct cost savings but also improved the overall performance and reliability of their poultry lighting controllers, reinforcing our commitment to delivering value-driven solutions in the electronic manufacturing realm.

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Case Study 002
Simplifi VoLTE

In a collaborative effort with Simplifi, an industry leader in Advanced Connectivity and Communication tools, RCAL showcased its comprehensive capabilities in electronic contract manufacturing (ECM) through a successful vertical integration initiative. Simplifi, known for its innovative products combining cellular connectivity with enterprise-grade cloud software, sought a partner that could streamline their production processes and deliver a turnkey solution. RCAL stepped in as the one-stop-shop for Simplifi, contributing expertise in mechanical enclosure design, PCB assembly, software loading, and the sourcing and shipment of high-end, graphically appealing packaging.

RCAL's involvement in all phases of the product lifecycle proved pivotal in achieving cost savings for Simplifi. By vertically integrating portions of the design, manufacturing, and packaging stages, unnecessary outsourcing costs were eliminated. Our engineering team collaborated closely with Simplifi to design an aesthetically pleasing and functional mechanical enclosure, ensuring that it not only met technical specifications but also reflected the brand's identity. The seamless integration of the PCB assembly, including the loading of software, further exemplified the efficiency and cohesion offered by RCAL's comprehensive ECM services.

The success of this collaboration not only resulted in a streamlined and cost-effective production process for Simplifi but also showcased RCAL's ability to provide end-to-end solutions for complex electronic products. The strategic vertical integration demonstrated how partnering with an ECM like RCAL can optimize processes, reduce costs, and enhance the overall efficiency of bringing advanced connectivity and communication tools to market.


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Case Study 003
Luminator Aerospace LED Lighting

In a strategic collaboration with Luminator Aerospace, a prominent manufacturer of cutting-edge LED lighting and signage for the global transportation industry, RCAL showcased its competence as an electronic contract manufacturer (ECM) in meeting the diverse and demanding needs of aerospace lighting systems. Luminator Aerospace, a division of the Luminator Technology Group, has a storied history of providing lighting solutions for commercial, general, and military aircraft since the 1940s. RCAL played a pivotal role in assisting Luminator through its ability to manage and transfer a considerable number of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) within a short timeframe.

One of the critical challenges addressed by RCAL was the fulfillment of Luminator's stringent lead time requirements. Through strategic and flexible procurement practices, RCAL ensured the timely acquisition of components and materials necessary for the production of diverse aerospace lighting SKUs. Additionally, RCAL's team took on some of the meticulous but essential tasks of PCBA layout engineering services, allowing Luminator's engineers to focus on designing innovation.

The partnership between RCAL and Luminator Aerospace underscores the significance of flexibility and real-time problem-solving in electronic contract manufacturing. By providing experienced program management and adapting swiftly to evolving demands, RCAL ensured that Luminator Aerospace's production requirements were met efficiently. The collaboration not only showcased RCAL's ability to absorb complex engineering tasks but also highlighted the importance of a collaborative approach in the aerospace industry, where precision, reliability, and adherence to stringent standards are paramount. Ultimately, RCAL's contribution facilitated Luminator Aerospace in delivering state-of-the-art lighting solutions for a range of aerospace applications, cementing the success of this partnership in the dynamic and technologically advanced aviation sector.

Case Study 004
Medical Grade Humidification

In a pivotal collaboration with a leading manufacturer of commercial humidification, evaporative cooling, and water treatment systems, our electronic contract manufacturing (ECM) services proved instrumental in overcoming challenges related to hard-to-find electronic components. Facing significant disruptions in supply chain, particularly with critical components for their control systems, this manufacturer approached RCAL for assistance. Recognizing the urgency and importance of maintaining production, our team immediately mobilized a comprehensive strategy to address the sourcing difficulties.

Leveraging the expertise of our electrical engineers and the strategic acumen of our purchasing teams, RCAL embarked on an extensive search for suitable alternatives to the hard-to-find components due to COVID-19 supply chain disruptions. Our engineers worked closely with the manufacturer's design specifications to identify functionally equivalent components that could seamlessly integrate into their humidification systems. Simultaneously, our purchasing teams navigated the electronic supply chain landscape, utilizing our network of traditional and nontraditional suppliers to secure these components promptly. The successful collaboration between RCAL and the manufacturer not only allowed for the uninterrupted production of their systems but also ensured they didn't lose crucial sales in a highly competitive market.

This success has led to a long-term strategic relationship between the manufacturer and RCAL. The agility and collaborative approach demonstrated by RCAL in this case study underscore our commitment to providing dynamic solutions to our clients. By combining the technical expertise of our engineers with the strategic prowess of our purchasing teams, RCAL effectively mitigated the challenges posed by the scarcity of hard-to-find components. This illustrates the vital role electronic contract manufacturers play in sustaining the operational continuity of businesses in critical industries such as medical, military, industrial and agricultural equipment manufacturing.

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