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Hardware Technician

Electrical Design
& Engineering

RCAL has over 100 combined years of integrated experience in hardware, software, and product development. We are lead by a core group of degreed engineers in electrical, computer, and mechanical engineering. This is a major differentiator when compared to other contract manufacturers that can only build to print. We provide value in offering DFM (design for manufacturing) and NPI (new product introduction) reviews at no extra charge to our customers. This commitment to highly experienced and technical oversight provides value throughout the design and manufacturing process that results in top quality and reliability.


We work with our clients to deliver innovative, reliable solutions that are proven to reduce development costs, increase productivity and accelerate time-to-market. The RCAL product portfolio includes solutions designed for use in a variety of industries including financial, education, government, entertainment, restaurants, and worship. The RCAL team of engineering professionals helps you design and deliver reliable, cost-efficient, and innovative custom-engineered solutions in a shortened timeframe. We take you through the entire process from concept to production.

Electrical Design & Engineering
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