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Computer Circuit Board



  • Mancorp Wave Solder: for single-sided, low-cost builds

  • RoHS and tin-lead capable

  • Pillarhouse Selective Solder: Computer-controlled selective soldering machines eliminate costly hand soldering and improve process repeatability

  • PVA Automated Conformal Coating Machine

  • ESS Testing - Rapid Thermal Cycle Chamber

  • Meter Mix Par3B Potting Machine

  • Zierick 9700XY

Capabilities & Equipment

Our PCB through-hole technology capabilities include auto insertion, wave soldering, and selective soldering, providing a range of cost-effective options to support both leaded and unleaded component insertion and soldering. RCAL has an experienced team able to deliver quality manual insertion for products with unique form parts or a small number of through-hole components. Because RCAL has a very low employee turnover rate, you can count on the technician who builds your PCB to be familiar with your products, requirements, and component placement best practices. This results in exceptional product quality that you can trust.

PCB Through-Hole Assembly:
Manual and Automated
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