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Electronic Circuit

PCB Protoyping

Printed Circuit Board Prototyping

RCAL Products offers a serious competitive advantage for prototype solutions through our extensive engineering experience and well-established processes. Unlike other CMs that only ‘build to print’, we know and look for both efficiencies and potential pitfalls. When an RCAL electrical or computer engineer reviews your prints, you have an additional layer of quality built into your process. You get all this while still maintaining a rapid turn-around time. Furthermore, our equipment is optimized for quick changeovers so low volume prototype runs can be scheduled in a timely and efficient manner. Also, as a full-service manufacturer, we can move to production volumes seamlessly as we partner to validate design.

RCAL Rapid Prototype Benefits:

  • Vertical integration and quick transition to full-volume production

  • Expert design for manufacturability before, during, and after your build

  • High quality and timely short runs, even on complex assemblies

  • Experience rapid prototype team members focused on your build

  • Support for RoHS-compliant or tin-lead processes

  • Support for SMT, mixed technology, or through-hole assemblies

  • Automated Optical Inspection and BGA X-ray available

  • A scalable, one-stop solution from PCBA through box build assembly

​Because of our eye for design optimization, RCAL engineers offer feedback that often results in designing cost out of the product. This pays major dividends when your prototype is moved to production. These are some of the ‘wins’ that RCAL enjoys so much.


To learn more about how we were able to design cost out and add features, click here for a previous case study.

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