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Supply Chain Management

Manufacturing printed circuit board assemblies is as much about logistics as it is design and redundant quality processes. With typically over one-hundred components on each bill of material, one late resistor or capacitor can be the difference between an on-time or late deliveries. The ability to purchase, expedite, track, receive and identify incoming components is just one of the benefits to our proprietary MRP system designed by RCAL engineers specifically for our industry.

How We Ensure Efficiency:


R.A.T.S. (RCAL Assets Tracking System) is a manufacturing solution that offers scheduling, purchasing, shipping, customer management, sales order, work order, quality tracking, and accounting capabilities. From scanning in received inventory to creating individualized barcodes for each unit, rather than by lot, RCAL can at any moment identify the RCAL associate that ‘touched’ your unit, when the unit was at each phase of the manufacturing process, what type of component was placed, the component manufacturer, run-efficiency, run-fallout, and much more. There are several redundant quality processes that ensure that no step in the process is skipped and that they are completed in sequential order.

The R.A.T.S. system is something that we believe sets us apart from other manufacturers in that we have spent over 20 years developing our processes. Because we own the MRP design, we can make quick changes easily and implement new strategies as they are established. Our MRP design has been deemed ‘medical-grade' quality and we have been engaged by other companies to license our system to the electronic manufacturers. All this to say,  when you engage RCAL and trust us to build your product we instantly become part of your quality assurance team. 

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