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Facility Expansion

Embarking on a transformative journey of growth and innovation, RCAL Products is thrilled to announce a comprehensive expansion project that will significantly elevate our capabilities and operational efficiency. This expansion involves the addition of a 12,000-square-foot space, a testament to our commitment to meeting the escalating demands of our diverse clientele and positioning ourselves at the forefront of the electronic manufacturing landscape.

Enhanced Manufacturing Capabilities

The focal point of this expansion is the incorporation of dedicated areas for new inventory space and through-hole assembly. The new inventory space is meticulously designed to streamline material handling and storage, allowing for optimal organization and accessibility of components. Simultaneously, the introduction of specialized through-hole assembly space reflects our dedication to versatility in manufacturing processes to include both wave and selective wave solder applications. This expansion enables us to accommodate a broader range of electronic components and employ various assembly techniques, enhancing our flexibility to meet diverse client requirements.

Advanced Environmental Stress Testing

One of the highlights of this facility expansion is the integration of advanced environmental stress test capabilities (ESS). This state-of-the-art testing capability empowers us to subject electronic assemblies to rigorous environmental conditions, including temperature extremes, and humidity. The goal is to ensure that our products not only meet but exceed industry standards for reliability and durability. This strategic enhancement underscores our commitment to delivering electronic solutions that can withstand the challenges of real-world operating environments, providing our clients with a heightened level of confidence in the robustness of our offerings.

Streamlined Shipping and Receiving Operations

As part of our commitment to seamless operations and enhanced customer service, the facility expansion includes a dedicated space for new shipping and receiving operations. This addition is designed to optimize our logistical processes, from receiving raw materials to shipping finished products. The goal is to enhance the efficiency of our supply chain, reduce lead times, and ensure timely deliveries to our valued clients. By integrating this new shipping and receiving area, we aim to further elevate our standards in providing reliable and agile electronic contract manufacturing services.

Expanded Surface Mount Technology

An additional benefit to RCAL's expansion efforts is being realized in the additional space allocated to Surface Mount Technology (SMT). RCAL is expanding its SMT capability from 2 to 4 lines that will include both state-of-the-art Universal Instrument Pick-n-Place machines as well as industry leading ovens and automated optical inspection technology. The increased SMT capital expansion will push RCAL's SMT component placement capacity from 35 million to over 90 million components placeable per year. The added capacity places RCAL in a unique position to accommodate both large and small orders as each line is redundant allowing technicians to operate seemlessly between SMT lines.

Advancing Electronic Manufacturing Through Facility Expansion

In summary, our facility expansion represents a strategic investment in the future of electronic manufacturing. The new inventory space, through-hole assembly capabilities, environmental stress testing, and shipping and receiving operations collectively reinforce our commitment to innovation, efficiency, and client satisfaction. As we embark on this exciting expansion, we look forward to continuing our tradition of delivering high-quality electronic solutions while embracing new opportunities in the ever-evolving landscape of the electronics industry.

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