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Inspecting Jewels

Functional Testing

  • Automated Optical Inspection

    • High-speed thorough inspection of parts and solder joints using Mirtec 3D AOI platforms.

Inspection Equipment:

Testing Options Include:

  • Functional testing using your test fixture

  • Design of multi-up test fixtures, and parallel programming

    • Gang programmer integration into the test fixture

  • Automated testing for high-volume, low-cost testing

    • 3D printing and machining capabilities to create custom parts for test robots

Functional Test and Inspection

Our goal is to ship products that meet customer requirements, every time, on time. RCAL's team of engineers works closely with customers through the NPI (New Product Introduction) process to develop an effective method to test each PCB assembly. Because RCAL is lead by a core group of degreed engineers in electrical, computer, and mechanical engineering, we are able to create innovative and automated test solutions to maximize throughput and reduce cost. Furthermore, because we leverage our own proprietary MRP system, all defects are captured, logged, and analyzed for continuous improvement. The result is a high level of product quality and a low customer return rate. We’ve also standardized on a third-party test platform, which we can modify with custom hardware and firmware to provide a customized test solution. This reduces the cost and time needed to develop a custom fixture.

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