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Surface Mount Assembly

vishnu-mohanan-ALVE2uaq0pc-unsplash (1).jpg
  • Universal Instruments GC-30 Chip-Shooter

  • Universal Instruments GI-14 Dual Beam Fine Pitch Placer (x2)

  • Universal Instruments GC-120 Chip-Shooter (x2)

  • Universal Instruments GX-11 Fine Pitch Placer (x2)

  • Heller Mark III Oven (x2) Heller Mark 5 1707

  • Mirtec Omni 1707 3D Automated Optical Inspection (x2)

  • KIC SPS Profiler

  • Boards up to 20" x 20″

  • Components as small as 01005

  • Extensive experience with mBGAs and BGA packages

  • State of the Art Equipment

  • Two High-speed Universal pick and place lines with a maximum rated speed of over 40,000 components per hour

  • Speed Print Screen Printer w/ Ultra High-Res & 2D Optical Inspection (x3)

Capabilities & Equipment

High-Speed and Top Quality Surface Mount PCB Assembly
Our SMT lines are optimized to quickly and efficiently manufacture a wide range of assemblies and complexity. RCAL understands that responsiveness is critical and on-time delivery is a must. Our ability to execute rapid set-ups from one job to the next, while supporting a broad range of assemblies enables RCAL to deliver day in and day out. As we engage in multiple industries, RCAL provides scalable support for small to high volume production runs. We understand that quality is the result of well-developed processes. RCAL partners with customers in a rigorous NPI (new product introduction) process in which our highly skilled operators and engineering support team ensure we have the needed information and understand the build process before producing first articles. This proactive quality process promotes field reliability you can count on.
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